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Data Marketplace

The LiveRamp Data Marketplace is a next generation data marketplace. The Data Marketplace enables buyers and sellers of marketing data to connect and transact cross-channel at a person level.

With the Data Marketplace, you can:

  • Manage the permissions for your data usage

  • View aggregated usage across multiple platforms where data are used

  • Manage aggregated billing

  • Peruse the data marketplace:

    • A UI marketplace for you to sell and buy data

    • APIs that are customizable per marketplace user (such as first-party data owners, third-party data owners, and digital platforms)

The Data Marketplace contains a wide variety of Segment Data, Signal Data, and Data Services.

This data can be distributed and made available for use at a wide variety of platforms with LiveRamp integrations.


If you don't have access to the Data Marketplace tab in Connect, contact your LiveRamp representative or email