Distribute Data Marketplace Data to MediaMath

MediaMath is a leading DSP that ad buyers engage with using their TerminalOne (T1) platform. MediaMath accepts syndicated segments after a review, as well as custom segments on demand.

To distribute your syndicated taxonomy for visibility in the T1 public UI, contact your LiveRamp support team. They will submit your taxonomy to MediaMath, and deliver the syndicated segments if your taxonomy is approved.

Your segments will appear in the Targeting section on the Strategy level, under the "Audience" tab, in the LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Marketplace section.



If your segments are not approved for the T1 public UI, these segments can still be distributed by a data buyer using the steps below.

To distribute Data Marketplace segments to MediaMath, you need to know the MediaMath Org ID of the account the segments are intended for.

For each distribution:

  1. Activate a new destination account.

    • In the “Media Math File Prefix” field, enter your company name (this becomes the prefix in the file name for all of the Data Marketplace files that get distributed to your MediaMath account).

    • In the “Org ID” field, enter the appropriate MediaMath Org ID.

  2. Request the desired segments, and then add them to the distribution.

  3. Email your LiveRamp representative with the name of the Destination Account and your MediaMath Org ID.