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Distribute Data Marketplace Data to The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk (TTD) accepts custom segments and standard segments from from data buyers and pre-approved data sellers.


TTD only allows Data Marketplace segments from pre-approved data sellers to be sent to their platform. Segments from non-approved data sellers cannot be added to TTD Data Marketplace distributions.

Data sellers who want to be considered for having their data be sold through TTD’s platform should begin by filling out this questionnaire from TTD. Once completed, the information will be reviewed by TTD.

All Data Marketplace segments with a programmatic standard CPM of less than $5 being distributed to TTD are priced at a “programmatic hybrid” pricing model that consists of a percentage of media (PoM) rate ("programmatic percentage of media") and a CPM cap. You must provide the designated percentage(s) of gross media spend and CPM caps either via a segment metadata file or individually in the Connect UI (PoM will vary by segment). See "Data Marketplace Pricing Options" for more information.


If a Data Marketplace segment with a CPM of less than $5 is added to a distribution to TTD without having both a programmatic percentage of media and a CPM cap, the delivery job will remain in "Queued" status. If a delivery job is in the "Queued" status for more than 24 hours and you suspect this is due to pricing issues, create a support case following these instructions to have the pricing fields corrected.

If you’re a data seller who needs to distribute Data Marketplace segments to a specific buyer at TTD, you will need to activate a new “Data Marketplace - Custom Seat” destination account for each buyer. Connect will prompt you to enter the buyer's TTD Partner ID when you create each new destination account. This is typically a short alphanumeric string that looks something like "ac81c0z."

Editing Segment Prices for The Trade Desk

Data sellers can edit the Programmatic Hybrid pricing fields used by The Trade Desk for segments that have a Programmatic Standard CPM of less than $5 by updating the segment metadata file:


  • These pricing fields cannot be edited individually in the Connect UI.

  • Unlike other pricing fields, the Programmatic Hybrid pricing fields used by The Trade Desk can be edited after the segments have been distributed. For more information, see "Edit Existing Data Marketplace Segment Information".

  1. Download a Data Marketplace segment metadata file that includes the segments you want to edit prices for.

  2. Update the appropriate Programmatic Hybrid pricing column values (for full instructions, see "Update a Segment Metadata File"):

    • Programmatic % of Media (column W)

    • CPM Cap (Column X)

  3. Upload the segment metadata file.

TTD Data Marketplace Destination Account Options

For delivering data sourced from the LiveRamp Data Marketplace:

  • For data buyers: Use the “Data Marketplace - Custom Seat” integration.

  • For data sellers:

    • When you’re distributing your Data Marketplace segments to TTD’s public, syndicated UI, use the “Data Marketplace - Syndicated UI” integration.

    • When you’re distributing Data Marketplace segments to a specific TTD partner or seat at TTD, use the “Data Marketplace - Custom Seat” integration. Activate a separate Custom Seat destination account for each data buyer you’re distributing segments to.

Data Marketplace - Custom Seat


Uses: Distributing Data Marketplace segments to a specific TTD partner or advertiser seat

For: Data buyers and data sellers

Required Fields:

  • Partner ID: The Partner ID of the partner that you are sending the segments to.

  • Segment Level: Select “Advertiser” to deliver to an advertiser seat or select “Partner” to deliver to a partner seat.


    • Distributing at the advertiser level requires additional permissions for your The Trade Desk account. To request access, contact your The Trade Desk Technical Account Manager

    • Partner-level segments will be available to all advertiser accounts within that partner account. Advertiser-level segments will only be available for that specific advertiser account.

  • Advertiser ID: When Segment Level is set to “Advertiser”, enter the advertiser ID of the partner that you’re sending the segments to. When Segment Level is set to “Partner”, leave Advertiser ID at “0”.

Data Marketplace - Syndicated UI


Uses: Distributing Data Marketplace segments to TTD's public, syndicated UI

For: Data sellers

Required Fields: None


See “View Delivery Status” for information on viewing the status of your delivery jobs after distribution.

If you do not see your data segment(s) appear in The Trade Desk DMP:

  1. Connect your TTD Account Manager with your DMP/Data Seller Contact

  2. Confirm all parties are aligned on the data segment names and IDs

  3. Confirm all parties are aligned on the type of segment (first-party vs. third-party) and that the segment has been pushed to the correct data endpoint

  4. Confirm that the data partner pushed the segment

  5. Confirm that you input the correct advertiser ID and encryption key

If none of these steps resolves the issue, create a case in the LiveRamp Community portal.

Be sure to keep your Account Manager included on all conversations regarding porting over custom data segments to ensure the process is executed as seamlessly as possible.