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Implementing LiveRamp's Client-Side Tag

The LiveRamp Client-Side Tag (CST) is a tag that can be used to log user activities (such as page views, adding items to a cart, or completing a transaction) and group them into segments.

If you're using the tag for measurement (our File-Based Recognition workflow), these segments can be delivered back to you or your measurement partner in batch files that include the corresponding RampID(s) for the online identifier captured. You can choose to receive one RampID for each identifier or to receive multiple RampIDs for each identifier (if there are more than one).

You can use the tag for activation: The segments can be automatically imported into LiveRamp Connect, where you can distribute them to your desired destinations.

LiveRamp has two Client-Side Tag versions:

  • The standard Client-Side Tag (CST), which captures LiveRamp cookies.

  • The enhanced Client-Side Tag (eCST), which can capture LiveRamp cookies and additional identifiers, such as mobile device IDs, OTT and CTV IDs, and Identity Envelopes (containing RampIDs).


The eCST is currently in open beta for measurement use cases (our File-Based Recognition workflow, where log files are delivered back to you and/or a partner) and activation use cases (where segments are created in your Connect account). The use of the eCST requires an update to your contract. Contact your LiveRamp representative for more information.

For more information, see this article in the LiveRamp Identity documentation site.