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Process Overview for Data Marketplace Data Providers

See the information below for a list of the activities that make up the Data Marketplace process for data providers.

Pre-Contract Activities

  • Privacy Review: Complete the questionnaire to get LiveRamp signoff on data sourcing.

  • Contracting: Get paperwork in place covering rev shares, data permissions, and billing.

Post-Contract Activities

  • Kick Off Call: Intro to your new Account Manager to discuss detailed next steps.

  • Learn Connect: Receive a demo of Connect to learn how to navigate the UI, activate and distribute data, and set any needed permissions (see the "Connect Video Series" for more information)

  • Create Files and Upload Data: This will be the first step toward generating revenue! See "Uploading Data" and "Getting Your Data Into LiveRamp" for more information.

  • Provide Data Marketplace Segment Information: Add names, pricing, and permissions to your data, either by updating a taxonomy file (for multiple segments) or be enabling segments individually (for small numbers of segments).

  • Storefront Profile: Edit your profile to upload a logo, marketing collateral, and key facts to showcase your products and services offered to buyers.

  • Strategy Call: Talk to your account manager and Data Marketplace supply experts to present your data story and discuss how they can compliment your sales efforts.

  • Sell Data: The most successful data sellers have a focused GTM effort with a sales and marketing team to execute on it.

  • Distribute Data: Once you convince a platform, agency, publisher, or brand to buy data, send it over (see "Distribute Data to a Destination" for more information).

  • Get Paid: Each month data providers will receive usage reporting for the prior month's activity.