View Stats in Your Dashboard

Your dashboard is where you can see aggregate stats for each of your audiences, including the number of records, the date a file was last uploaded, and the number of record or device matches by destination.

To access your dashboard in Connect:

  1. Hover over VIEW in the left sidebar, and then select "My Dashboard."

    Dashboard menu.jpg
  2. Select the desired audience from the Audience drop-down list in the upper right.

    Dashboard Audience dropdown.jpg

The following stats are displayed for the selected audience:

Unique Records: The number of records, after the consolidation of any duplicate rows through the use of the audience key. See "How Connect Counts Unique Records" for more information.

Last Upload Date: The date a file was last uploaded.


Want to check file status? To see if a file has been fully ingested by our systems, hover over MANAGE, and then select "My Files" to navigate to the Files page. See "Check the Status of an Uploaded File" for more information.

Top Destinations: The top three destinations, in terms of records matched.


How is this calculated? The records are aggregated (and de-duped) across all device types.


Are all platforms available? Currently, stats for Pandora and Facebook are not displayed.

Matches by Destination: From the Viewing drop-down list, select "All Destinations" to see the aggregate of all records matched or select a specific destination to see stats for that destination.

Dashboard Viewing dropdown.jpg

For a specific destination, you can toggle between Records and Devices:

Dashboard Records Devices toggle.jpg
  • Records: The number of audience members that were matched at this destination for each device type you are sending (cookie/web, iOS device, Android device, or custom platform ID).

  • Devices: The number of devices that we’re sending to that destination.


    This number may differ from what appears at the actual platform.


Want to download these stats? Click the green download icon in the upper right of the screen and then select "Export to Excel" to download these stats as a CSV file.


Want to see stats at a per segment level? These can be viewed on the Segment page for that audience (hover over MANAGE in the left sidebar menu and then select the desired audience) and on the My Data page for the desired destination (hover over OUT in the left sidebar menu, select "My Destinations", and then open the appropriate destination account).