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Configure Advanced Settings (Global for Web)

In the Admin tab of your Privacy Manager configuration, you can enable IAB U.S. privacy in compliance with CCPA, debug mode, consent string update for implementation across devices, and many more.

Getting There

Advanced settings are configured from the Admin tab:

  1. Go to the Privacy Manager Global Overview page by selecting Privacy Manager > Global from the left navigation menu.

  2. Click the configuration name for the configuration you want to edit.

  3. Select Admin from the left navigation menu.

Configure Advanced Settings

Check the check box to for each feature described below to enable that feature.

Debug Mode

Enables extensive logging in the console log.

Do Not Allow Loading Inside an Iframe

Use this feature to restrict the CMP from loading when it is loaded in an iframe.

Use System Fonts

By default Privacy Manager uses Open Sans in order to keep the user experience the same across platforms. You can choose for Privacy Manager to use the system font instead. This may improve performance, but will impact the look and feel of Privacy Manager across platforms as system fonts can vary.

Allow Updating Consent State Using Query String

Consent data can be updated via query string parameters (required for sharing consent from mobile SDK). By adding parameters to the URL, you can update the consent data. By default this feature is disabled. Turn this feature on in order for Privacy Manager to accept consent data updates via querystring.

Use case: A concrete use case for this is when Privacy Manager GDPR for Web is paired with Privacy Manager Mobile SDK. When a user clicks on a link in the mobile app environment, the consent parameters can now be passed along in the URL to ensure that the user does not have to give consent again in the webview.

The following parameters are available:

  • lrcmp-consent

  • lrcmp-dau

  • lrcmp-last-interaction

  • lrcmp-config-version



Disabling the Privacy Notice

You can disable the automatic surfacing of the Privacy Notice.

Geo Targeting

You can include or exclude specific countries from surfacing the Privacy Manager. By default all EU countries are included.

JavaScript Loading Options

Control how the Privacy Manager script is loaded:

  • async: Enable "async" to add "async" to the tag. The script is fetched asynchronously, and when it’s ready the HTML parsing is paused to execute the script, then it’s resumed.

  • defer: Enable "defer" to add "defer" to the tag. By adding defer the script is fetched asynchronously, and it’s executed only after the HTML parsing is done.

Privacy Manager Wrapper Caching

The caching policy for the wrapper that loads the Privacy Manager configuration is configurable. Enabling caching of the Privacy Manager wrapper can improve loading performance. Be aware that enabling caching will result in configuration changes to only become apparent after the caching period has expired.

Enabling IAB U.S. Privacy

Privacy Manager Global also supports a module for U.S. Privacy. When enabled, the Privacy Manager will make the U.S. privacy API object available. See "IAB U.S. Privacy String" for more information.

Explicit notice is always present - The flag in uspstring whether explicit notice has been given is normally set to “Y” as soon as the notice is loaded. This setting can be used in case you decide to suppress the Privacy Manager notice and show a custom notice instead.