Preview and Publish Configuration Versions (CCPA for Web)

The Privacy Manager stores the settings of every published version of your Consent Manager. This guide will walk you through the settings and mechanics of versions.

Getting There

To get to the configuration screen, select Overview from the left hand navigation menu and select the App you want to edit. Then go to the "Versions" tab.


A version is a snapshot of a configuration at a particular time. You can save the current state of a configuration as a version at any time. This enables you to revert your configuration back to a previous version if necessary. The version of the configuration is also logged as part of the audit trail. This way it is possible to refer back to what the configuration was at the time when the user gave consent.

Versions can make it easier to recover from mistakes. For example: If someone accidentally publishes a configuration version before it's ready for production, you can revert your configuration to an earlier version and publish it.

Save Your Current Configuration

When you don’t want to publish your configuration it is also possible to save changes to a configuration. This can be for example used for when a configuration change requires review from others before going live. In the Overview tab you can see if a configuration has unpublished changes.

Publish Your Current Configuration

When you publish your configuration, Privacy Manager will make your changes active. If you've edited text, vendors or any other setting in your configuration, you will need to publish those changes to make those changes operational on your website or mobile app. You are also able to publish multiple configurations in bulk. Simply select multiple configurations and select “Publish” when pressing on the “actions” button.

  1. Click Publish at the top right hand side of the screen.

  2. The Publish Settings screen will appear, with options to publish the configuration and name the version.

  3. When you publish or create a version, enter a Version Name that will make it easy to know what changes are being made. The name will be stored along with the version number and could for instance reflect your last changes.

  4. Click Publish


The initial version of the configuration is always called "Version 1 - Initial CCPA WEB Privacy Manager."

Reverting to a Previous Configuration

Privacy Manager maintains a publish history, so you can see when versions were set live. To see the publish history, go to Versions and look for entries with a date in the Date Published column.

To replace the current container version with a previously saved version:

  1. Click Versions.

  2. Click the Actions menu next to the desired configuration version.

  3. Select Publish version to immediately publish a specific version from the Versions screen.

  4. Select Restore version in case you still want to make modifications to the selected version. This replaces the current configuration draft with the content of the selected configuration version. You may then make any additional modifications to the configuration draft, and publish your changes when ready.

Previewing Your Current Configuration

Privacy Manager provides you with an option to preview the changes even before they are being published.

In order to perform a preview, you need to click on the “Preview” button available at the top right hand corner of the page. Starting from the Editor section until Admin section you can notice the “Preview” button at the top right hand corner of the page.