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Privacy Manager - Loading Rules

Once LaunchPad is created, you can set up the loading rules to determine which existing Privacy Manager configuration should be loaded for a given country/region.

For example, LaunchPad loading rules can be configured to do the following:

  • Load Privacy Manager GDPR in EU countries

  • Load Privacy Manager Global with configured for opt-out regime in California, U.S.

  • Load Privacy Manager Global configured for LGPD in Brazil

  • Load Privacy Manager Global with generic settings for the rest of the world

When LaunchPad is installed, all consent signals can be obtained from the Universal Privacy Manager API.


To set up loading rules:

  1. Within your LaunchPad, select the "Privacy Manager" tab from the left navigation menu.

  2. To add a loading rule, click New and then select the Privacy Manager type you want to set up the rule for.


    If you are not able to edit an existing Launchpad configuration, you might not have the permission to do so. Contact your administrator (the person who invited you to LiveRamp) to grant you the permission.

  3. Enter a descriptive rule name, like the legislation that this Privacy Manager rule is going to cover ("GDPR").

  4. To add configurations, click Choose and then select one or more Privacy Manager configurations that should be included in this loading rule.

    Once added, LaunchPad will automatically publish a new version when any of the connected Privacy Manager configurations are republished after changes made to the vendor configuration.

  5. (Optional) If you add multiple Privacy Manager configurations for the same region, you can set up the Variant Weight to control the percentage of traffic that is directed to each configuration. You might want to do this to perform basic A/B tests. See "Running Multiple Variants" for more information.

  6. To set geolocation, add the countries that should be covered by this loading rule by entering the country in the search field. This will override any geo targeting setting in the associated Privacy Manager configurations.


    A loading rule's geo targeting cannot overlap with that of another loading rule. If a country has been used in another loading rule, it will be excluded from the search results.


    If "United States" is selected, an additional optional field will appear to select the state.

  7. Click Save to save the loading rule. The LaunchPad will now be flagged as having "Unpublished Changes."

  8. When you're ready, click Publish in the upper-right corner of the screen to begin publishing your changes. Add a Version Name, and then click Publish.

You can now continue setting up conditional firing.


In the Versions section, I see “auto generated” versions. What are they?

After a change is published in an app that is connected to LaunchPad (like ATS or Privacy Manager), a new version of LaunchPad will be created to ensure that it contains the latest configurations.

Will the Privacy Manager library functionality be affected if I connected to LaunchPad?

No, LaunchPad provides a layer on top (Universal Privacy Manager API) of the existing Privacy Manager allowing for easy integration and flexible deployments. All existing Privacy Manager functionality will remain unaffected.