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Private Audit Trail for GDPR

If you have demand for keeping a copy of the audit trail on premise it's possible to enable Private Audit Trail (PAT). PAT is part of the premium service package. If you are interested in this functionality and it's not enabled on your account you can purchase it in the Marketplace.

Getting There

From the GDPR page, select Audit Trail from the left navigation bar.

What is the Private Audit Trail?

The Private Audit Trail performs a daily export of Audit Trail data and writes it to a designated Amazon Web Services S3 location. This add-on is completely optional, but useful for enterprises that want to be able to centralise all data on their own servers, including records of consent. Leverage the Private Audit Trail for complete control of your data or even use it for more granular analysis of your audience consent rates over time.

Configuring Private Audit Trail

Enable PAT by following these instructions

  • Select + Private Audit Trail

Configure Policy
  • S3 Bucket name - Enter the name of the S3 bucket where the audit data needs to be copied to.

  • Status - Toggle to enable the Private Audit Trail

  • Copy Policy - Generated policy to allow write access to an S3 bucket

  • Create an S3 bucket with a matching name as configured in the Private Audit Trail.

  • Paste the policy to allow LiveRamp to write access.