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Registration Manager

With LiveRamp’s Registration Manager you can easily implement your own registration walls, allowing users to sign up to your website and giving you enhanced insights about your users to maximize advertising opportunities. For a seamless signup flow, you can configure the registration wall to allow registration via Apple, Google, or Facebook. Passwordless logins can also be configured for better user experience.


To add Registration Manager to your subscription, see "Add and Manage Products".

How it Works

Registration Manager uses Amazon Cognito, the tried and tested authentication solution from AWS (Amazon Web Service) which allows scalabillity and connectivity with other services such as Facebook, Google, and Apple. LiveRamp will not have access to the identity pool collected. This will reside in Amazon Cognito in your own AWS account.

As a prerequisite, you must connect the Registration Manager to a Cognito instance in AWS. You will then be able to configure Registration Manager and the connected Cognito instances in Console.

Registration Manager and ATS

If you are already working with ATS, the Registration Manager helps increase the number of authentication events. All email addresses provided in Registration Manager will be used to generate an ATS envelope. Additionally, ATS.js will be served on every page on which Registration Manager is implemented to ensure that the envelope is refreshed regularly and that the envelope is available for bidders.

Create a Registration Manager

From the navigation menu, select "Registration Manager" and click New. Learn how to configure the settings here.