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Running Multiple Variants

LaunchPad allows you to run multiple Privacy Manager configurations in the same region. Running multiple Privacy Manager configurations in parallel enables you to perform basic A/B tests.

When configuring a loading rule, you are able to select multiple configurations. LaunchPad will send traffic to each configuration based on a randomizer. The "variant weight" setting allows you to control the percentage of traffic that is directed to each configuration. By default the variant weight is split evenly across all configurations, this can be overridden by editing the variant.

Select "edit the variant weight" and select "Custom Percentages." You are now able to assign relative weight to each configuration.


When running multiple configurations it is important to note that once an end-user is assigned a configuration by LaunchPad, this user will always see this configuration until local storage is cleared.

You can now compare the results of the individual configurations to identify the optimum version.