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Universal Privacy Manager API

When working with multiple types of Privacy Manager (like GDPR, Global, and CCPA), it’s challenging to have the tags collecting personal data on your site adhere to users’ consent. GDPR requires opt-in and CCPA opt-out.

The Universal Privacy Manager API allows you to integrate multiple variations of Privacy Manager without the added complexity. The Universal Privacy Manager API provides a unified layer offering events and API functions very similar to that of the individual Privacy Manager libraries.

The Universal Privacy Manager API does not replace any of the existing functionality of the “local” Privacy Manager (GDPR, Global, CCPA), but rather augments them. When using Privacy Manager in combination with LaunchPad, all of the existing functionality (save for geo targeting) will remain accessible.

When building conditional firing logic, you generally do not need the high level of granularity that the Privacy Manager can offer. In order to simplify the integration process the purposes, special features and vendors from GDPR, Global, and CCPA are mapped by Universal CMP to a set of unifying purposes and vendors. Read more on the mapping of purposes here.