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Announcing Collaborative Overlaps Feature

You can send a request to a prospective data collaboration partner who is using LiveRamp Connect to check for the number of overlapping audiences. You will be able to include all your RampID or select specific segments for the overlap while all of your partner's RampID will be analyzed. Once the request has been processed, you can view the results on the Collaborative Overlaps page.


This feature is not yet turned on for all accounts. If you would like access to these features, create a Safe Haven case in the LiveRamp Community portal.

The overlap's side panel will display a diagram of the overlap and the following information:

  • Number of RampIDs in your account or the selected segments

  • Number of RampIDs in the requested partner's account

  • Number of RampIDs found in both datasets

  • Percentage of your RampIDs found in the requested partner's dataset

  • Percentage of requested partner's RampIDs found in your account or the selected segments

For more information, see "Create and View a Collaborative Overlap".

We welcome your feedback on these usability initiatives to improve Safe Haven.