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Announcement: Advanced TV Builder Now Has “Smart” Folders (5/26/22)

We’ve added two additional “smart” folders to the Advanced TV builder, so that you can build audiences more quickly and easily:

  • “Recently-Added Data” includes up to 30 of your most recently-added segment categories, in descending order with the most recently added first.


    At release, this folder will be empty but will populate as you add additional segment categories.

  • “Frequently-Used Data” will include up to 30 of the segment categories most frequently added to audiences in the last 3 months, in descending order with the most frequently used displayed first.

The segment categories displayed in these folders are duplicated from their original folder location, and have not been moved from their original folder location.

During audience building, you can drag any of these segment categories (or any of their underlying segment values) into the builder as you would any other segment category or value.

You’ll be able to use these additional folders while performing these builder tasks: