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Announcement: Amobee and Tremor Changing to Nexxen (7/25/23)

Our previous Amobee destination account tiles have changed to Nexxen (fka Amobee) and any distributions to Tremor should be moved to Nexxen.


To set up a new distribution, use Nexxen (fka Amobee) destination account tiles.

Any distributions that have been previously set up through an Amobee destination account will continue to be delivered. All of your previously-existing Amobee destination accounts will continue to exist in your Connect account, but with Nexxen branding.

Any distributions that have been set up through a Tremor destination account will be turned off on August 23, 2023 and will not refresh after that date. To continue to refresh these distributions, activate a Nexxen (fka Amobee) destination account and add segments to distribution.

For more information on distributing to Nexxen, see "Nexxen".