Current Known Issues

This article contains information on any current known issues that might effect your use of our product.

Known System Issues for Connect

Issues Adding Segments for Distribution (4/14/21)

Customers who attempted to add segments for distribution in a destination account recently might have seen an error message. We have resolved this issue, and you should be now able to add segments for distribution.

Delivery Delays (3/12/21)

LiveRamp is currently experiencing delivery delays to the following platforms:

  • Amazon

  • Xandr Invest (AppNexus)


Update 4/13/21: The previous delays in deliveries to MediaMatch have been resolved.


Update 3/23/21: The previous delays in deliveries to Facebook, The Trade Desk, and Twitter have been resolved.

Customers can still create new destination accounts or add segments for distribution to existing destination accounts in Connect, but deliveries to these platforms will be delayed until this issue is resolved. 

We are working to identify the underlying cause of this issue, and in the meantime we are increasing delivery speed where possible and actively monitoring our delivery pipeline to track progress. As we continue to monitor this issue, we will share a timeline for resolution as soon as it is available.