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LaunchPad acts as a single tag solution that streamlines workflow and simplifies the implementation of LiveRamp products. Now you can manage all of your LiveRamp products within a user-friendly interface via the LaunchPad section of Console.

When You Should Use LaunchPad

There are a number of cases where it becomes necessary to use LaunchPad as part of your LiveRamp implementation. Consider using LaunchPad when any of the following situations apply to your site:

  • You are using multiple LiveRamp publisher products.

  • You are looking to load the ATS library only in allowed countries and on allowed domains.

  • Your site caters to audiences that fall under multiple legislations.

  • You are looking to test multiple variations of Privacy Manager configurations.


LaunchPad currently only supports Web platforms.

Install LaunchPad

Install LaunchPad to configure and deploy LiveRamp publisher products. At a high level, after LaunchPad is automatically added to your subscription, the steps are:

  1. Add and publish your LaunchPad configuration.

  2. Install the LaunchPad container snippet on your site. (remove any existing Privacy Manager tag, if present).

  3. Add and publish your loading rules.