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Privacy Manager US for Web

Privacy Manager US can be used in situations where you are required to obtain consent in the US in accordance with state-specific regulations.

It can be used for enabling US National Signal which is a set of specifications for a privacy string that works at a national-level used in conjunction with the IAB’s Global Privacy Platform (GPP). This means a user in California can share their privacy selections the same way a user in Utah would share their privacy selections.


Privacy Manager US is only available for web applications. A native in-app version is not currently available.

GPP is required when:

Consent needs to be obtained for collecting data on U.S. citizens and the consent needs to be signaled to vendors that rely on the GPP string.

GPP is not required when:

  • When consent needs to be managed for non-US citizens.

  • The customer is solely relying on conditional firing and/or Google Consent Mode for adhering to user consent.

If you are also running ATS, you can install Privacy Manager US with LaunchPad using a single tag for easier management and maintenance. See "Universal Privacy Manager" for more information.