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Tips for Using This Documentation Site

The documentation site has several ways to search and navigate through the content, some of which might work a bit differently than what you're used to.


In particular, the search behavior might not be what you're used to, so be sure to look at the information on using search below.

Using Search to Find Articles

You can use the search bar that's at the top of the Welcome page or in the upper left of the main pages to find articles.


Once you're happy with the results that appear, you can look at the article snippets to help determine which result matches what you're looking for.


If several articles appear with similar titles or snippets, use the article breadcrumbs (in black text just below the snippet) to determine which result is closest to what you're looking for. The breadcrumb shows the categories and subcategories that the article is located in.


Once you've found the desired article, click on it or use the up or down arrows to select it before pressing the Enter key.


To report any issues with using the search, such as the correct article not appearing for the search terms you enter, email

Using the Article Tree to Find Articles

On the left side of the screen, an article tree is displayed showing all the main categories of content.


Use the carets to expand and collapse the article tree categories that contain articles or other subcategories.


You can collapse the article tree by clicking the hamburger icon to view the selected article in full-screen mode.

Using the Mini TOC to Navigate Within an Article

For articles that have multiple sections, an article table of contents (TOC) appears on the right side of the screen. This mini TOC shows the names of the sections in the article and indicates which section you're currently in. Click on a section name to navigate to the top of that section.



For articles where the article sections are displayed collapsed, you'll probably already be able to easily see the article sections. The mini TOC becomes more useful once you've expanded one or more sections and want to use the mini TOC to navigate within the article.

Using "Control-F" to Find Article Content

Once you're in an article, you can press the Ctrl + F keys (or command + F on a Mac) to quickly find specific content within that article. The search phrase will be highlighted in yellow in the article (and in the other elements on the page, like the article tree).


Using "Ctrl + F" will not find content that is within a section that is collapsed. To make the search more effective, expand any collapsed article sections first.

Viewing Articles in Full-Screen Mode

If desired, you can collapse the article tree by clicking the hamburger icon in the upper left corner to view the selected article in full-screen mode:


Click the icon again when you want to exit full-screen mode.

Expanding and Collapsing Section Headings

Many articles have sections that initially display "collapsed."


Click the section heading to expand (or collapse) the section.



If you want to use "control-f" to quickly find specific content within an article, make sure to expand all section and subsection headings first.

Enlarging Images

To enlarge an image to full-screen size, click on the image. Click the image again to return to the article view.