Getting Started

As you’re getting started with LiveRamp, we want to make sure you have the resources you need to be successful.

Whether you're using our Onboarding workflow, our File-Based Recognition workflow, or are a data provider, use this article and the other articles in this section to understand how to use LiveRamp.

Here are resources to help you accomplish your tasks quickly and successfully in Connect:

Here are the key articles for the main tasks new users typically need to perform:

We have a "Product and System Information" section in our documentation site.

In this section, you can find:


We’ll always try to provide you with as much advance notice when we have any scheduled maintenance downtime, or when there’s an issue with our systems or with deliveries to specific destinations, usually by means of a colored banner at the top of your screen in Connect.

Here are several resources to help you when you get stuck:

When our existing help content isn’t solving your problem, or simply could be better, we want your feedback so we can make improvements.

Our feedback options include:

  • A feedback link at the bottom of every article that opens an email

  • Our email, where you can send documentation feedback at any time

  • Surveys, which are sent out periodically