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Identity Resolution

LiveRamp identity resolution allows you to resolve a number of different identifier types to LiveRamp identifiers (such as AbiliTec IDs and RampIDs).

LiveRamp's known-to-pseudonymous identity resolution solution, AbiliTec, resolves your consumer PII into AbiliTec IDs via the AbiliTec API. This allows you to resolve your consumer PII across fragmented data sources into a unified view of customers to gain an accurate customer profile for your business and improve customer data management that powers effective customer engagement.

LiveRamp's RampID identity resolution solutions resolve both known and pseudonymous identifiers into RampIDs (or identity envelopes containing RampIDs). This allows you to connect consumers' offline and online journeys across various touchpoints and devices into a unified view of those consumers. Resolve your data with one or more of LiveRamp’s solutions for person-based activation and measurement to gain insights and efficiencies without relying on third-party cookies.