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Release Notes, November 1, 2022

Hi everyone,

Today we proudly present a new release packed with some very cool updates for ATS Analytics and other improvements to help make you work more effectively in Console.


  • Bidders’ reporting page in ATS Analytics for detailed insights on bidding performance for connected bidders

  • Hover-over tooltips containing definitions and explanatory text for all metrics throughout ATS Analytics

  • Bidders who can access and decode RampID envelopes will now be marked with an envelope icon in ATS Analytics.

  • You can now run ATS in Indonesia and Hong Kong. See our Asia-Pacific recommendations to make sure your domains fulfill the requirements.


  • All upcoming reporting pages will be shown in the menu with a ‘Coming Soon’ badge behind the name.

  • Improved domain validation when using the bulk domains CSV upload functionality in the Privacy Review page of a placement in ATS.

  • Improved behavior when accessing ATS Analytics without an analytics adapter created in Console. Previously, when a user entered the overview page it would show a loading icon even though there is no data. Now, when a user enters ATS Analytics and there is no data/adapter they will be redirected to the adapters page and a warning message will be shown on top.

  • A message is now displayed in ATS Analytics dashboard that the data displayed is based on ATS Web implementations only.


We have fixed a UX issue concerning long domain names in the filter component for ATS Analytics.