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ATS Analytics

For customers who've implemented ATS (Authenticated Traffic Solution), you can utilize ATS Analytics to measure and analyze ATS performance based on various metrics. The dashboard allows you to better understand and track the lift from ATS on your property.


You can check out the full list of available metrics in Dashboard Metrics and Calculations.

To be able to view the analytics dashboard, you must first set up ATS Analytics in Console. See "Configure ATS Analytics for Prebid.js" to learn how.

Analyze the Dashboards

Once you've configured ATS Analytics in for Prebid.js, you will be able to view the overall performance of your sites and the breakdown of this data based on technological aspects (i.e. which browser your users run, which operating system, etc.).

From the navigation menu, select the ATS Analytics tab. Then, select the Overview tab, or Technology tab.

Before you delve deep into the data, keep the following in mind:

  • The default view displays data from the last 7 days.

  • Data shown is based on the web implementations of ATS.

  • All of the metrics on the overview dashboard can be filtered by country and/or domain.

  • All bids from any currency are converted to U.S. dollars to show a unified picture.

  • Analytics data are updated on a daily basis at 3:00 UTC timezone.

  • The analytics data are based on sampled data and therefore might not be fully accurate.

  • If you are working with Prebid.js bidders that do not have Sidecar enabled, you might see lower CPMs on the dashboards because they will not be able to decode the envelopes. See list of Sidecar-enabled bidders to check for bidders who can decode envelopes.


If the Overview section says that the placement is not receiving data, that indicates that no data are being sent to LiveRamp.

We recommend you to upgrade your Prebid module to at least version 7.6.0. Then, check that everything is set up correctly. If everything looks okay but you still see no data displayed, contact our support team for further investigation.

Manage ATS Analytics

In the Adapters tab, you will be able to create and manage existing analytics adapters. You can learn more about creating analytics adapters in Configure ATS Analytics for Prebid.js.

To delete an analytics adapter, simply click on the three dots icon, and select Delete.