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Announcement: Launch of LiveRamp Identity Doc Site (2022-08-31)

We’ve launched a new Identity documentation site, which is now the main entry point for LiveRamp customers who want information on LiveRamp identity and our identity solutions (such as content on identity resolution, identity translation, and embedded identity in cloud environments). The new site can be accessed at

This site includes content to help you understand LiveRamp identity (including identity terms and concepts), how it’s constructed, how it’s implemented, how to use it, and more.

Some of our Identity content was previously housed in our Connect documentation site but is now in our Identity documentation site to provide a more cohesive experience.

In some instances, the Identity doc site provides an entry point for some of our identity solutions whose content is housed in other locations, such as the LiveRamp Developer Portal and the Publisher Products doc site (for ATS implementation content, for example).

Initially, the Identity content in Connect will remain in that doc site as well, but eventually we'll remove that content. If you have links to the previous Connect location for Identity content, update those links to use the new location in the Identity doc site.