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Announcement: LiveRamp is Looking for Product Advisors (2022-05-06)

LiveRamp has launched a new program to form a group of product advisors who will help guide the future of LiveRamp products.

LiveRamp Product Advisors:

  • Get exclusive opportunities to participate in user research studies

  • Engage directly with LiveRamp product team members

  • Gain early access to new features and products

To start the process, you’ll take a 2-minute survey so we can better match you for individual research studies.

Any time you’re a potential match for a study, we'll send you an email with information for the next steps. Studies may be via video conference or via an online survey. Many of our research studies provide monetary incentives for participation. Every study is different, and you can decide whether to participate on a study-by-study basis or opt-out of being a LiveRamp Product Advisor at any time.

What we do with your data and personal information: We use your profile data to help identify studies that are a good match for you. Only our researchers will have access to your profile survey data. We never share or sell your data with external parties and we keep your data confidential in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Click here to take the survey and start the process.