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Announcing Advanced TV Audience Management Enhancements (7/20/21)

We’ve released UI improvements for Advanced TV to provide you with a more streamlined audience management experience.

New Audience Details Side Panel

You are now able to view the details of any audience by simply clicking on it on the My Audiences page or on the Activity Report page. All of the audience details that once appeared on the Audience Details page are now in a new side panel.

Audience details you are now able to view in the side panel include:

  • Targeting logic

  • Subscriber and/or OTT device matches (by universe and aggregate and by universe or segment)

  • Distribution status for each delivery location

  • Campaign info

  • Advanced audience settings.

See “View Audience Details” for complete information.

UI Enhancements

You are now able to manage your Permissions Tracking page table settings, such as adjusting table row density and column visibility, by clicking on the table settings button. You also now have expanded options for table sorting and column ordering. See “Changing the Table Display” for more information.