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Announcement: Audience Builder Improvements (8/11/21)

We've improved the display and interaction in the data area and sandbox area of the Audience Builder page, as well as the Audience Details side panel, with a number of new features:

  • You can see the number of values for a segment category in the data area of the Audience Builder.

  • You can click a segment category row to display a panel that lists all of the values in that field and for Data Marketplace segments the panel will also display a segment description and the CPM for each segment value.

  • When you drag a segment category into the builder, all values are selected by default.

  • You can drag an individual segment value into the builder, and the value is selected by default.

  • You can use multiple select to drag multiple segment categories and segments values into the builder.

  • Activation Data Cost (CPM) is available in both the footer area and in the Details tab of the Audience Details side panel.

  • Hovering on Activation Data Cost shows the CPM breakdown for first-party data vs Data Marketplace data.

  • For Data Marketplace segments that you move into the builder, a Data Marketplace icon now appears for that segment.


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