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Data Marketplace Audience Extension with Lookalike Modeling

You can enable broader monetization of your data assets by using a LiveRamp service provider to expand your seed audience with lookalike modeling.

  • RampID powers person-based audience extension by deterministically matching online or offline data to Audience Extension Partners.

  • You control the audience size to align with advertiser marketing initiatives.

  • Lookalike modeling will find new audience members that share the same attributes, behaviors, lifestyles, or affinities as your online or offline seed audience.

  • Seed audiences can be included in or excluded from expanded audiences at your discretion.


What is Audience Extension?

Use of a seed audience to build extended audience targeting models.

Which service providers can LiveRamp help me choose from for Audience Extension?

Currently TruSignal, V12, and PushSpring.

What is the value behind Audience Extension?

Growing the size of your audience pools will enable marketers to reach niche audiences at scale and drive incremental revenue for you.

How do I know how large my seed audiences need to be to qualify for extension?

Each service provider has their own thresholds and recommendations but the general rule of thumb seems to be 1000+ records.

How do I know how much to extend my audiences by?

This all depends on which types of initiatives they will be used for. Contact your LiveRamp representative for more information.

What is the process for creating my audiences?

Work with your LiveRamp representative to choose a data seller and select your desired audience sizes for each segment.

Contact your LiveRamp representative for more information.