Distributing to Facebook

See the articles in this section for information on distributing data to Facebook, including:

  • Our first-party data integration options: Managed Integration and Direct Integration

  • Our Data Marketplace integration

  • Adding LiveRamp as a partner in Facebook (which you need to do to use our Direct integration or to utilize automated usage reporting when distributing Data Marketplace data to Facebook)

  • Our integrations to remove opt-out users from first-party data distribution, as well as other opt-out information

  • Utilizing Facebook's Lookalike Audiences feature

After you've distributed data to Facebook, you can view estimated reach counts for each distributed segment. These counts are based on an average of the count range returned to us by Facebook, which shows lower and upper count values. Once you've distributed your data, it typically takes 1-3 days for the data to arrive at Facebook and another 1-3 days for stats to calculate and populate within Connect. See "View Stats on the Segment Distribution Page" for more information.