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Platform-Specific Distribution Information

Some destination platforms have specific criteria you need to keep in mind when distributing data. Use the information below and the articles in this section to make sure you set up your distributions correctly.

Destinations That Require Authorization Using OAuth

Currently, the following destinations require authorization using OAuth before any data can be distributed to the destination account:

Supported Destinations for Record Sync

Currently, the following destinations support Record Sync segment deletions:


In the future, we hope to add additional destinations.

When activating a destination account, you’ll see Record Sync versions of each of these integrations. Use the Record Sync version to take advantage of Record Sync’s user deletions.

Destination Platforms that Require LiveRamp Action

For certain destination platforms, LiveRamp needs to perform a manual review and configuration to finalize the activation. In most cases, LiveRamp automatically performs this review and finalizes the activation within 24 hours after you activate the destination account.

Until the activation has been finalized, any segments added to distribution will remain in a "Queued" status.

If the activation hasn't been finalized within 24 hours, create a support case to ask that the activation be finalized.

The destination platforms listed below require LiveRamp action:

  • Adobe Audience Manager

  • Amazon - Data Marketplace

  • Facebook Direct

  • Jivox - Onboarding

  • LinkedIn

  • LiveIntent

  • Permutive

  • Prodege

  • Salesforce Audience Studio (Krux)

  • Teads

  • Trusignal - Modeling

  • Viant - Onboarding and Data Marketplace

  • Videology - Data Marketplace

Platforms that Do Not Accept Raw Fields

The following platforms cannot accept raw fields, so raw fields can often only be distributed these platforms by creating derived segments from them in Connect. If you try to distribute a raw field to one of these platforms, the delivery will fail.

For more information on raw fields, see "Raw Field".

Rate-Limited Destination Platforms

When it comes to ingesting or delivering data, there are always limits to how much data a system can process at a given time. The destination platforms listed below get large influxes of data and so at times are impacted by rate limits.

These platform rate limits can result in data distribution taking longer than the typical 12-72 hour processing time. Take this into consideration when planning for data delivery and campaign launches on the destination platforms listed below:

If a delivery to a rate-limited platform is delayed, we automatically retry the delivery each day, but performing the troubleshooting steps listed in "Troubleshoot Distributions to Destination Accounts" can still be helpful. However, if you need the priority increased on the delivery, create a support case.

Destinations that Do Not Support Matched Reach Stats

Matched reach stats for the destinations listed below are not supported, as they might not accurately reflect the total cross-device reach your audience has on those destinations' platforms:

To get matched reach stats for one of these destinations, contact your account representative at that destination.