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Distributing Data

A destination is a LiveRamp partner that can receive your data from LiveRamp. We have over four hundred destinations that we're already integrated with, and we're adding new destinations all the time. You can see a full list of destinations on the partners page on our website.

Data are distributed to these destinations by means of destination accounts. A destination account is a set of configurations that allow you to distribute data to a particular seat at a destination.

To use Connect to distribute your data to your desired destinations, you'll first need to activate the appropriate destination account (usually either a first-party data/Activation destination account or a Data Marketplace destination account) for each destination.

Once you've activated the necessary destination accounts, you're ready to distribute your data.


Make sure to take any platform-specific distribution information into account.


Contact your LiveRamp representative if you're interested in distributing data to a destination we don't currently have an integration with.

Once you've distributed your data, it typically takes 1-3 days for the data to arrive at the destination platform and another 1-3 days for stats to calculate and populate within Connect. You can view the delivery status in Connect. If the data isn't showing up after this timeframe, you can also troubleshoot the distribution.