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LiveRamp's Data Marketplace Data Policy

To protect consumers and partners in the LiveRamp Data Marketplace, LiveRamp uses three categories to classify segments intended for the Data Marketplace:

  • Prohibited

  • Custom Only

  • Generally Available (GA)

LiveRamp's Data Marketplace segment review and approval process is meant to catch segments that haven't been classified correctly, but it is the responsibility of the data seller to understand these guidelines and classify their segments appropriately.

In addition, all segments are subject to the restrictions of the prohibited uses listed below.


You are contractually required to adhere to these policies. Violations of these policies will put your relationship with LiveRamp at risk.

Data Marketplace Segment Categories

Use the information in the sections below to determine whether your segments are allowed in the Data Marketplace and how to classify those that are allowed.

Prohibited Data Marketplace Segments

Segments intending to target on the following prohibited topics are not allowed in the Data Marketplace. Do not upload Data Marketplace segments intend to target on any of the following topics:

  • Effective January 1, 2023: Data or segments intended to target audiences based on personal data defined as “sensitive” (or any analogous term) by an applicable privacy law that requires opt in consent for collection, processing, or sale (including segments modeled or derived from non-sensitive data but used to create or infer sensitive personal data).

  • Data collected outside of the United States

  • Cannabis/marijuana (THC, not CBD).


    Segments consisting exclusively of opinions about cannabis or marijuana, and that do not infer use, are not prohibited.

  • Segments relating to the following health-related topics:


    Segments consisting exclusively of opinions about the health-related topics listed below, and that do not infer the person has or has had the condition, are not prohibited.

    • Reproductive health and rights, pregnancy, and fertility

    • Sexually transmitted diseases

    • Mental health-related conditions

    • Sexual orientation

    • Conditions predominantly affecting or associated with children and not treated with over-the-counter medicine

    • Information describing any individual’s known health or medical condition(s), including Protected Health Information (PHI)

    • Abortion

  • Government-issued Identification number.

  • Financial account information.

  • Biometric information.

  • Minors (under 16).

  • Criminal history.

  • Illegal weapons.

  • Sensitive personal data or special categories of personal data as defined by GDPR, if applicable, or applicable data breach notification laws.

  • Full date of birth.

  • Mother's maiden name.

  • Any username, email address or other unique electronic identifier or routing code, which is sent in combination with a personal identification code, password, or security question and answer and would permit access to any online account.

  • Any individual’s digitized or other electronic signature.

  • Precise location: Data that locates a device or person to a geographic area that is smaller than the area of a circle with a radius of 500m (i.e., 785,398 square meters, 0.785 square kilometers, or 0.303 square miles) (new definition).

  • Account logIn in combination with any required security or access code, password, or credentials allowing account access.

  • Genetic information: Any information that is obtained from a genetic test.

Custom Only Data Marketplace Segments

Any segments intended to target on the following categories must be enabled as custom segments in the Data Marketplace:

  • Voter registration data

  • Health conditions that cannot be treated with over-the-counter medication or lifestyle modification, and are not prohibited in the "Prohibited Data Marketplace Segments" section above

  • Any type of cancer

This requires the data buyer and data seller to communicate, and places the onus on data sellers to ensure that segments are being used for legitimate and ethical purposes.


All custom Data Marketplace data shared to other accounts must adhere to LiveRamp policies, and you must have a direct agreement in place with receiving accounts for the relevant data and use case(s).

Generally Available Data Marketplace Segments

Segments that are not based on prohibited topics and that don't meet the Custom Only requirements are classified as Generally Available (GA) segments (otherwise known as "standard segments"). These segments are LiveRamp’s “off-the-shelf” offering from data sellers. These segments are only limited by the prohibited uses outlined below.


Any segments that have been made GA and later found to be more properly classified as "Custom Only" will be removed from the Data Marketplace without advance notice.

Prohibited Uses for Data Marketplace Segments

All LiveRamp Data Marketplace segments (both GA and custom) are subject to the prohibited uses listed below:

  • Adult entertainment and/or pornography

  • Illegal drugs (and everything else that is illegal)

  • Eligibility (decision making, worthiness) for healthcare, insurance, employment, credit, tenancy, and/or any other FCRA purposes

  • Discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or other protected classes/Identity under antidiscrimination laws.

  • Illegal gambling

  • To advertise any product, service, or advertising content that is illegal in the locality in which the advertisement is sent or received