Data Marketplace Segment Review and Approval

Segments have to be reviewed and receive privacy and business approval before becoming live in the Data Marketplace. Most segments are reviewed and approved by LiveRamp within 1-2 business days, depending on the number of segments pushed and whether there are privacy considerations.

Follow the guidelines below to ensure that your Data Marketplace segments can be reviewed and approved quickly.

See the sections below for information on our segment guidelines.

Certain types of segment data are prohibited from being sold in the Data Marketplace:

  • Segments that do not meet our general data restrictions

  • Segments related to sexual orientation (e.g., LGBTQ), including proxy sexual orientation segments (e.g., LGBTQ Supporters/Donors)

  • Segments containing sexually-oriented information, such as information related to pornography, adult entertainment, erectile dysfunction, sexually-transmitted diseases, etc.

  • Segments related to firearms or firearm purchases, (e.g., Gun Buyer), including proxy firearm segments (e.g., Gun Rights Advocate)

  • Segments related to marijuana/cannabis

  • Segments related to illegal gambling (e.g., online gambling)


There might be more restrictions: Segments being distributed to certain platforms might be subject to additional restrictions. See "Facebook Data Restrictions", "Google Data Restrictions", and "Amazon Data Restrictions" for information on those platforms.

Make sure to follow the guidelines on descriptive and self-explanatory names in "Naming Data Marketplace Segments".

Segment descriptions cannot contain definitive, derogatory, or embarrassing statements.

Descriptions should not contain definitive statements:

  • Definitive: Consumer is interested in purchasing a new Ford F150

  • Not definitive: Consumer is likely interested in purchasing a new Ford F150

  • Recommended non-definitive terms:

    • Likely

    • Likelihood

    • Propensity to

Descriptions should not contain derogatory or embarrassing statements:

  • Derogatory and embarrassing: This segment contains consumers who are barely scraping by and are always borrowing money from friends and family

  • Not derogatory or embarrassing: This segment contains consumer who are likely to borrow money

Restricted segments can be allowed in the Data Marketplace but require more review, which will take more time than segments that are generally available.

The common reasons a segment would be restricted include:

  • The segment might trigger the Fair Credit Reporting Act by including information that could be used to determine credit worthiness, insurance rates, or employment (such as "household income is likely between $X and $XX" or "value of home is likely between $X and $XX")

  • The segment might cause a consumer reputational harm, such as segments about alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, gambling, or certain sensitive health information.

You can check on a segment's approval status in the "My Segments" tab of the Data Marketplace - My Segments page (hover over DATA MARKETPLACE in the left navigation bar and select "Sell Data").

The icons in the "Status" column indicate segment status:

  • Green Dollar Sign - Segment is live in the Data Marketplace

  • Grey Hourglass - Segment is pending business/privacy approval

  • Grey Dollar Sign - Segment is designated inactive by Seller

  • Red X - Segment is rejected from the Data Marketplace

  • Blank - Segment is not part of Data Marketplace