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Transaction Signal Program

If you have raw transaction, clickstream, or location data, you can opt-in to make it available to buyers looking to use it for measurement, analytics, or modeling (product building) use cases. Contact your LiveRamp representative if you are interested.

  • Program: Event-level in-store and e-commerce CPG and retail transaction data resolved to a pseudonymous identifier.

  • Transparency: Unbranded and pooled with similar data from other data sellers to maximize consumer reach (breadth) and product coverage (depth).

  • Headers: Identifier (PII or Cookie ID or DeviceID or Custom ID), Retailer Name, Retailer Location, or Retailer Category, Product Category, Brand, Product Description or UPC, Date of Transaction, Time of Transaction, $ Value of Transaction.

  • Frequency: Daily inbound feed is preferred, but weekly is acceptable.

  • Recency (time from transaction to delivery): 1-2 day latency is preferred, but anything less than 7-10 days is acceptable.

  • Precision: Individual or household.

  • CPG and Retail Categories: Food, Beverages, Clothing, Consumer Electronics, Health & Beauty, Household Products, etc.

  • Clientele: Platforms, Agencies, Publishers, Brand, and other Data Companies.

  • Controls: Access to specific platforms and advertisers can be restricted upon request. For large platform or agency-wide deals, best practice would be to exclude specific products or categories from the inbound feed to prevent any advertisers potentially serviced by these companies from accessing the data.

Additional Considerations

  • Use Cases:

    • Measurement: Use of the data for campaign attribution and effectiveness studies.

    • Analytics: Use of the data for audience analysis and profiling.

    • Modeling: Use of the data as background to inform audience modeling of other data sets. These modeled data sets can then be used for a variety of use cases including but not limited to targeting.

    • Data Product Creation: Use of the data as a building block for aggregated audience creation

  • Pricing: We will need per-client monthly pricing for proposals that includes two options:

    • Firehose of all products and transactions

    • Custom request filtered by product, brand, or product category

  • Distribution: Output data will be delivered via a feed that maps all inbound data to a set of fixed headers developed by LiveRamp.

Next Steps

  • Confirm which headers can be included in your company’s inbound feed.

  • Provide us with some historical data via a sample file for analysis and proposals.

  • If possible, provide a full file of user IDs (with all transaction data stripped) for overlap testing.