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Value Proposition for Data Sellers

The Data Marketplace is a neutral data marketplace for data sellers to make their segment data, signal data, and data services available to a robust buying ecosystem of platforms, publishers, agencies, brands, and even other data companies.

The Data Marketplace provides the following benefits:

  • Cross-Device Identity: Whether data sellers onboard data via PII, cookies, or mobile device IDs, the Data Marketplace unlocks true people-based marketing through deterministic cross-device identity resolution and reach expansion.

  • Match Rates: The Data Marketplace leverages the full LiveRamp tech stack and boasts industry-leading match rates, helping data sellers minimize data loss.

  • Data Portability: The scope of monetization through the Data Marketplace encompasses distribution across an ecosystem of brand, agency, publisher, platform, and TV partners to power identity-based marketing activation and measurement.

  • Transparency: The Data Marketplace believes in offering buyers unparalleled information about data through the Data Marketplace Storefront and Catalog to make buying decisions easier in a world of complexity and choice.

  • Service Model: Data sellers can leverage Data Marketplace SMEs for strategic guidance and direct all other questions to their dedicated Account Manager.

  • Flexible Pricing Model: Publish CPM, CPC, % Media, and Flat Fee pricing (see "Data Marketplace Pricing Options" for more information).

  • Unique Data: Be part of Data Marketplace’s value prop to buyers as an exclusive data seller.

  • Customization: Full support for both standard and custom segment creation with APIs available for custom segment creation and distribution

  • Strategic Growth Opportunities: Once segments are activated, the Data Marketplace offers strategic support to enable data sellers to expand their GTM offerings.

  • Top-Notch Product: The Data Marketplace offers cutting-edge solutions for uploading and distributing data.

  • Permission-Based System: Data sellers manage which platforms can receive their data, which advertisers can use it, and for which use cases.