Data Marketplace Pricing Options

Pricing models vary by use case.

Digital Ad Targeting

Your data will be used for basic ad targeting in the digital space. This use case is billed on impressions. (This is the most common use case for data buyers.)

Cost Per Click

This is another pricing option for digital ad targeting, where the data buyer is billed on the number of clicks.

Content Marketing

Your data will be used to help the data buyer customize their content based off of the user / viewer. This use case is billed on impressions.

TV Targeting

Your data will be used to target TV viewers. This use case is billed on impressions.


Distributions to Social Media Platforms: All distributions to social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Snap, LinkedIn, and Pinterest) are billed at a percentage of media spend, as reported by the data buyer. Each data provider can choose between two pricing tiers for all of their syndicated segments: 10% or 15% (all custom segment distributions are billed at 15%). Syndicated segment pricing is configured at the data provider level, and is not configurable on a per segment level in either a Data Marketplace taxonomy file or in the segment details side panel.


Another Possibility: Flat fee pricing. Although this option is not explicit on our UI, some buyers explore flat-fee options (rather than usage-based billing). Buyers usually surface this interest directly to us. We will reach out to you if any buyers are interested in this option. But, if you happen to hear from a buyer, or have other questions about this option, contact your LiveRamp representative.