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Embedded Identity in Cloud Environments

LiveRamp makes it safe and easy to connect data and we’ve built our identity infrastructure capabilities into cloud environments to make it easy to resolve and translate identifiers directly where the data lives. Key use cases this unlocks for our clients include consolidation of customer data to a person-based view (across PII or device identifiers) and translation of identifiers to enable data collaboration or activation use cases.

Both identity translation and identity resolution can be performed in cloud environments.

Identity Translation in Cloud Environments

LiveRamp's identity translation in cloud environments can be accessed via RampID transcoding functionality in these cloud environments:

Identity Resolution in Snowflake

LiveRamp’s identity resolution in Snowflake resolves online device identifiers, including cookies, mobile device IDs, and CTV IDs, and hashed email addresses into a pseudonymous RampID for person-based marketing. You can also resolve person-based RampIDs into household RampIDs. See "Perform Identity Resolution" for more information.