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Create a New Configuration

To make sure your partner can distribute their segments to you, you must first contact your LiveRamp representative to get your destination account set up in Connect. Once the support team has confirmed that the destination account in Connect has been successfully set up, you can proceed with creating the configuration.

An ATS Direct configuration allows you to manage deals that are tied to a particular ATS placement.

Procedure. To create an ATS Direct appliance configuration:
  1. From Console, select the ATS tab.

  2. Select the Deals tab. The ATS Direct Configurations table is displayed.

  3. Click New.


    You can only have one ATS Direct configuration per region. The New button on the Deals page will be disabled if you already have an ATS Direct configuration for the EU and U.S.

  4. Enter a configuration name.

  5. Select the desired placement to tie the configuration to.

  6. Select the region for the ATS Direct configuration.

  7. Click Create.

Next, you must integrate ATS Direct with an ATS configuration that is tied to the same placement. See Implement ATS Direct to continue to the next step.