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Configure Envelope Settings

Use the “Settings” tab to configure various settings for an ATS configuration. You can configure where the envelopes should be stored and select which events should be logged.

To get the "Settings" tab, select the "ATS" tab > Web. Then click on a configuration and select "Envelope Settings". Note that this setting is only available if you have properly configured how identifiers should be obtained.


To learn how to enable Match Pixel to leverage your user data to enhance addressability across LiveRamp's match network, see ATS Extensions.

To configure your envelope settings:

  1. Make sure the setting to 'resolve the user identifier to an identity envelope' is enabled. This setting is enabled by default.

  2. Under Envelope Storage, confirm or adjust where the identity envelope should be stored. By default, the identity envelope (along with a generation timestamp and version information) is written to a first-party cookie. You can alternatively instruct ATS to write into local storage.

  3. If your site visitors are authenticating on a subdomain, enter the root domain in the Enter Root Domain field. For example, if your visitors authenticate on '', set the root domain to your equivalent of '' to ensure that the envelope is stored under the main domain and is available across subdomains on the same site.


    You must use cookies for storage if using a root domain; localStorage is always bound to the subdomain.