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Install LaunchPad

To implement LaunchPad on your website, a single tag needs to be placed in the <HEAD> of your website.

  1. From the LaunchPad area in Console, open the LaunchPad configuration you want to install.

  2. Select the Admin tab.

  3. From the Install LaunchPad area, click Copy to Clipboard to copy the LaunchPad code snippet.

  4. Place the <script> code snippet in the <head> of your web page's HTML output, preferably as close to the opening <head> tag as possible, but below any dataLayer declarations.


Why does the LaunchPad have to be placed on every single page of my site?

Vendors that are working with the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) or U.S. Privacy API must be able to obtain the consent state on every page. Upon loading, the vendors will check whether a CMP has been installed and will wait until a consent string is available before executing.

If you are solely using LaunchPad to load ATS.js and you are not looking to expand this use case, then you can consider only loading LaunchPad on the relevant pages.

Do Not Load LaunchPad through a Tag Manager

In case you are using Privacy Manager in combination with LaunchPad then, if possible do not load the LaunchPad script through a tag manager (e.g. Tealium or Google Tag Manager) since doing so entails loading the tag manager before the network request for the LaunchPad script can start.

If the LaunchPad script has to load through a tag manager, ensure that the tag manager loads with a high priority and that the LaunchPad script is the first script to load.

Enable LaunchPad Preload

Preload is an aggressive method (when combined with inserting the LaunchPad tag in <head>) by which you can force a high prioritization for the LaunchPad script connection. Using preload can significantly improve the loading speed and time to first interaction when using Privacy Manager.

Please be aware that attempts to preload too many connections on your property can nullify this strategy for the LaunchPad. Click here for more information on preload.

If you are loading LaunchPad from a tag manager in combination with preload, then you will need to reformat the tag.


  (function() {
    var link = document.createElement('link');
    link.setAttribute('rel', 'preload');
    link.setAttribute('href', '');
    link.setAttribute('as', 'script');
<script async defer src="[APPID]/launchpad-liveramp.js"></script>

Debug Mode

Enabling debug mode can help understand and troubleshooting. When enabled, LaunchPad will print debug events in the browser console.


If you are migrating from a previous integration of Privacy Manager, please ensure that Privacy Manager does not load twice, remove from your code any previous implementations that have been migrated to LaunchPad.