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Privacy Manager Global for Web

Privacy Manager Global can be used in situations where you are not required to obtain consent in the EU in accordance with TCF, as well as situations where a more flexible solution than Privacy Manager for GDPR is desired.


Privacy Manager Global is not TCF compliant. If you are looking for a TCF-compliant CMP, check out Privacy Manager GDPR.

Privacy Manager Global can be used forEnabling IAB U.S. Privacy, as it supports IAB U.S. Privacy API to signal opt-outs down stream. Privacy Manager Global can be configured to handle any consent strategy, such as the following:

  • Explicit Consent

  • Implied Consent

  • Opt-out

  • Or any variation of these on a purpose level


Privacy Manager Global is only available for web applications. A native in-app version is not currently available.

TCF is required when:

Consent needs to be obtained for collecting data on EU citizens and the consent needs to be signalled to vendors that rely on the IAB TC string.

TCF is not required when:

  • When consent needs to be managed for non EU Citizens.

  • The customer is solely relying on conditional firing and/or Google Consent Mode for adhering to user consent.

If you are also running ATS, you can install Privacy Manager Global with LaunchPad using a single tag for easier management and maintenance. See "Universal Privacy Manager" for more information.