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Set up Registration Manager

In the "Manager" tab, you can set up the content and configure the look and feel of the Registration Manager flow. This includes the sign up/in flow. forgotten password flow, and account settings where your users can make adjustments to their account details. You can also set when the registration wall should be displayed to your users according to your preference.

To get to the "Manager" tab, from the navigation menu, go to Registration Manager > Manager.

Display Registration Manager in Different Languages

Registration Manager comes with multi language support which allows your registration walls to be displayed in multiple languages. Currently, we only support English as the only language available to select from in Console. You can contact our support team to set up the registration Manager in different languages.

Customize the Layout & Content

For each of the Registration Manager screens, you can customize the title, label fields, button text, error messages, and many more. Click on the icon of the flow that you want to configure. To change the content of each field, click the pencil icon. You can also change the order of the fields by pressing the dotted icon. You can set up and fully customize the following flows:

  • Sign Up: Allows the configuration of a sign up flow for your user. The sign up flow consists of a “Sign Up Screen”, “Confirmation Message” and “Activation Message” for passwordless registration.

  • Sign In: Allows the configuration of the sign in screen for users who have already registered to your site.

  • Forgotten Password: Allows the configuration of a self service flow for users who forgot their passwords. The flow consists of the “Forgot Password Screen” and the “Confirmation Message”. This option is not available If you have enabled passwordless login or registration in the Registration Manager settings.

  • Account Settings: Allows the configuration of a self service screen where your users can adjust their account data. The screen consists of two sections: “Account Settings” and “Consent Settings” where you must provide links to your terms and conditions and privacy policy for your users.

Configure the Look & Feel

In this section, you can customize the look and feel for all the registration manager screens. You might want to do this is if, for example you want to adjust the color of the registration wall to match your website or upload a company logo. You will be able to adjust the following:

  • Standard or dark mode

  • Enable block content when registration wall is shown and configure the backdrop color for it

  • Logo

  • Background color

  • Buttons and social logins buttons

  • Fonts including font color, font size, and the navigation link color

  • Enable users to close the notice via “x” button

  • Color for validation and error messages

Get More Users to Sign Up With the Display Options

Your Display Options configuration can be a determining factor for the number of users signing up/in to your website. You can configure the registration wall to be displayed as often as you want to increase the chance of authentications. However, you may not want to display the registration wall at all times due to user experience considerations.

If you have set up the Registration Notice, this option will be disabled by default since your users will gain access to the registration manager via the notice. You can disable the "Show The Notice" option and configure when your registration wall should be displayed to your users based on:

  • Time frame: Choose whether you want the wall to always be displayed or only after your preferred time frame (in seconds).

  • The number of site visits: Choose if the wall should always be displayed for every visit or only after multiple visits from the user.

  • Sampling rate: Choose if the wall should always be displayed for all users or only to certain users based on a sampling rate.