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Strategies to Increase Your Authenticated Users

To get the best out of ATS, its important that you leverage multiple strategies to increase the number of authenticated users. Learn about the different authentication strategies below to enrich your inventory in no time!

Easy Win Strategies

Easy win strategies requires minimum effort on your side (and your users) and can be implemented in no time. You may have already implemented some of them of your websites.

Newsletter Sign-Ups

Newsletters are a low effort investment for your visitors and provide a direct avenue to build engagement with them. Newsletters help provide relevant content to your audiences and allow for a wide array of content strategies for engagement.

Commenting or Content Widgets

With commenting widgets, a user must be logged-in to comment, capturing that user authentication every time. Comment widgets are suitable for the following websites:

  • News

  • Blogs

  • Lifestyle

LiveRamp has partnerships with a wide variety of commenting widgets such as Disqus, Viafoura, OpenWeb, Vuukle, and Insticator. These widgets allow users to comment on content on site once logged in. The user must be logged in to comment, meaning it's a rich source of authentication for sites that have commenting capabilities.

See an example of how ATS works with Viafoura below:

// Viafoura
// Make vfQ available or use existing one if already loaded
window.vfQ = window.vfQ || [];
window.vfQ.push(() => {
    // viafoura is loaded and window.vf is available
        function() {
            window.vf.context.get('user').then((user) => {

Site Login

Site-specific logins are a great first step to getting authenticated users that work well alongside other methods including social sign-ons, registration walls and newsletters.

High Impact Strategies

High impact strategies may require more effort but can significantly yield more authentications.

Newsletter Clickthrough

Gated and premium services are one of the key ways you can implement a value exchange with your visitors, and a clickthrough is necessary to unlock premium features or deals. When tailored for a specific audience, the simplicity and value are hard to beat.

LiveRamp can work with you and your email service provider to pull registration data via URL parameters present in newsletter links. Compelling content paired with targeted newsletters drives authentication and powers identity resolution. See Email Service Providers to see the list or supported ESPs and how you can integrate with them.


Your envelopes expire every 15 days in the U.S. or 30 days internationally. With newsletter clickthrough, you can re-authenticate users who haven't visited your site in the last 15 days


Sweepstakes offer a value exchange and incentive for customers to enter and register their first party data.

Social Login

A social login is when a user can sign in through their Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account. This can be convenient for the user and can increase authentication rates side by side with a standard registration process. For example, you may enable users to sign in via Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn.