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Test LaunchPad

In order to get more insight into the workings of the LaunchPad, you can enable debug mode in Console. When enabled, LaunchPad will print all notable events in the browser console log.

Overriding Debug Settings

In case you do not want to enable debug mode for all users, you can choose to override the debug settings by adding a querystring parameter to the URL.

Add the following querystring parameters to respectively either enable or disable debug mode.

  • /?logging=true

  • /?logging=false

Overriding Geo Detection

LaunchPad leverages Cloudfront Geo detection to decide whether to load or not to load a certain component based on the geo targeting settings in Console. When performing integration tests it can be cumbersome to test the LaunchPad behavior for different countries. It's possible to change the geo targeting settings in Console or use a VPN to become eligible for geo targeting. A faster solution is to override the geo targeting settings using the querystring. Add the following querystring parameter to the url on which you are loading LaunchPad to set your the country.

Set the country using:

  • /?lrcountry=NL

Set the country AND region as follows:

  • /?lrcountry=US&lrregion=CA