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Announcing Safe Haven Product Updates (2021-05-20)

This early availability release enables users with the Primary Tenant Admin persona to use a central Admin Center interface to manage the following for their primary tenant and for partner tenants:

  • Users

  • Personas

  • Applications

  • Data permissions


Primary Tenant Admin users can:

  • Quickly create a partner tenant by cloning primary tenant personas and applications and then adjusting them as needed.

  • Activate, deactivate, and set an expiration date for partner tenants.


This Primary Tenant Admin feature is currently enabled for a limited number of accounts. To request the new Primary Tenant Admin feature, create a Safe Haven case in the LiveRamp Community portal.

If this feature is not enabled for your account, you can continue to manage users, their personas, and partner tenants by creating a Safe Haven case in the LiveRamp Community portal.

For details, see Managing Your Primary Tenant.