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Duplicate a Data Permission

You can duplicate an existing permission in order to grant access to a different partner and assign new start and end dates. You cannot edit the other properties of a permission. To change other properties, such as the permissioning use cases, create a new data permission.

Procedure. To duplicate a data permission:
  1. In the left navigation bar, click Data AssetsData Permissions.

  2. On the Data Permissions page, search, filter, and sort the list to find a data permission and then select its check box. The Edit, Duplicate, and Revoke buttons are displayed.



    If you select multiple permissions, the Duplicate button is grayed out because you can only duplicate one permission at a time.

  3. Click Duplicate.

  4. In the Duplicate Permission dialog, enter a new name for the permission, select a different partner, and modify the start and end date. You can only select a partner if they have not already been granted permission to the selected asset.

  5. Click Create.