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LiveRamp APIs

Discover new ways to better connect, control, and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes with LiveRamp’s APIs.

Activation API

The Activation API allows programmatic activation of first-party data across hundreds of LiveRamp’s destination partners directly from your platform.

LiveRamp’s leading identity technology enables precise data activation across channels, screens, and devices, acting as the translation layer to enable addressable reach in an ever-evolving industry. Incorporate Activation APIs into new or existing products in order to use the LiveRamp platform in a more self-service manner to suit your business needs.

See the Activation API documentation for more information.

Data Marketplace - Buyer API

The Buyer API enables platforms to host third-party segments seamlessly in their marketplaces. By obtaining segment metadata, you can get broader and more up-to-date information in near real-time about segments–reducing the amount of manual work required and saving time by automating third-party data supply workflows.

By incorporating the Buyer API into new or existing products, businesses can easily access safe and externally-sourced data to develop enhanced customer intelligence in a more self-service manner to suit business needs.

See the Buyer API documentation for more information.

Identity - AbiliTec API

The LiveRamp AbiliTec API is an identity resolution technology for offline data (personally identifiable information or “PII,” such as email address, name, postal address, etc.). It connects and updates customer offline data by resolving PII data across enterprise databases and systems to deliver a better customer experience in a privacy-conscious manner.

The AbiliTec API allows you to match your data to the AbiliTec Identity Graph and receive AbiliTec IDs. API calls can be made using single transaction calls, or batch request calls that contain up to 1000 records per call.

See the AbiliTec API documentation for more information.

Identity - RampID API

The RampID API allows you to match your data to the LiveRamp Identity Graph and receive RampIDs. API calls are made using batch request calls that contain up to 1000 records per call.

The RampID API also has additional functionality available (once the appropriate permissions have been enabled):

  • The Envelope Decryption API endpoint allows you to decrypt the identity envelopes you receive via ATS.

  • The Translation API endpoint allows you to translate your RampIDs to a partner's encoding, or translate a partner's RampIDs to your encoding.

See the RampID API documentation for more information.


ATS (Authenticated Traffic Solution) provides a privacy-first, PII authentication solution that improves programmatic addressability across the open web by providing an encrypted, persistent, people-based identifier throughout the programmatic supply chain, starting at the inventory source. ATS enables you to create and reach addressable audiences without third-party cookies or mobile identifiers.


For streamlined ATS integrations, publishers can take advantage of an automated experience when using ats.js alongside Prebid.js. The LiveRamp Publisher Console provides a wizard for ATS implementation. Rather than make requests to support or tinker with ATS JavaScript directly, use the Console to make your selections and updates. For more information, see "Implement ATS.js."

If you integrate ATS into properties outside the web or you need to limit added JavaScript on your web, you may prefer to call the ATS API directly, versus including and configuring the ats.js code. Direct interaction will let you cut down the weight of the page and potentially make fewer client-side network requests but does add to the implementation complexity.

See the ATS API documentation for more information.