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Getting Started

As you're getting started with LiveRamp Safe Haven, we want to make sure you have the resources you need to be successful. Use this article and the other articles in this section to understand how to use LiveRamp Safe Haven.

We have a "Product and System Information" section on our documentation site.

In this section, you can find:

Here are several resources to help you when you get stuck:

  • This LiveRamp documentation site (see "Doc Site Tips" for more information).

  • The LiveRamp Community forums, where you can get answers from both LiveRamp and your community. To access your forums, go to the portal from any page in the application by clicking the Help icon, and then selecting "LiveRamp Community." You can also access the portal from the Welcome page by clicking the "Go To LiveRamp Community" tile. From the LiveRamp Community, select the Forums tab to see your forum groups.

  • A tile on the Safe Haven Welcome page that takes you to the LiveRamp Community portal, where you can create a case when you need help with an issue that you can't solve with the documentation.

Give Feedback on Help Content

When our existing help content isn't solving your problem, or simply could be better, we want your feedback so we can make improvements.

Our feedback options include:

  • A feedback link at the bottom of every article that opens an email

  • Our email, where you can send documentation feedback at any time

  • Surveys, which are sent out periodically