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Naming Files for Uploading

Make sure you understand the LiveRamp requirements and recommendations listed below, depending on whether you're uploading U.S. data files or EU data files.

File Naming Requirements for All Files

  • File names must not contain spaces or special characters such as !, @, #, $, %, [, ], :, {, }, ?, *, or \.

  • File names must not start with a dot character (.) or an underscore (_).

  • File names must use only ASCII characters.

  • Underscores (_) are permitted in file names, but must not be the first character of the file name.

  • File names must not be longer than 250 characters.

  • File names must include the appropriate file extension (for example, if sending a .csv file, make sure to name the file "[file name].csv").

  • If you compress your file, name the uncompressed version with the correct name and file extension (when we uncompress your file, we use the uncompressed file name).

Additional File Naming Requirements for U.S. Data Files

LiveRamp does not mandate a particular file naming convention, but we recommend that you include the elements listed below in the file name (to make differentiating your data easier and prevent any chance of files being overwritten):

  • Identifier: Specify the identifier type used in the file ("PII" or "AbiliTecID")

  • File part #: Use this element to distinguish between multiple files sent on the same day (if you're only sending one file that day, use "1"), such as "file-part-1".

U.S. File Naming Example

An example of a file name that follows these recommendations is “TwoButtonSuitsCampaign_PII_2016-01-01_file-part-1.csv”.

Additional File Naming Requirements for EU Data Files

File names must be in one of the following formats based on the precision level at which you'd like to target your users.

Contact your LiveRamp representative if you are not able to meet these file naming requirements.

Files should be split out by country, where Country Code must be one of:

  • UK (UK may be used for all non-FR EU data)

  • FR

EU File Naming Example

An example of a file name that follows these recommendations is "LiveRamp_UK_JoesAutoShop_NewCustomers_02172016.csv."